Eastern Iowa Landscape Services uses the latest in computer-based software to build a 3D model of your home showing our creative design ideas. These innovative designs illustrate exactly what to expect before your project starts and take the guesswork out of costly oversights so we can offer you a package design and upfront estimate with no surprises.

Contact us to set up your initial site visit. Our friendly office staff will find a time that suits your schedule and set up an initial site visit with one of our designers. Once on-site, we will take measurements and photos of your property and our designers will learn more about your project dreams, design requirements, and your family’s budget so we can offer you a distinctive design to fit all your needs.

Your designer will take the information they’ve gathered from you and use it to build your 3D model along with a well-thought-out estimation of each individual portion of your project so that you can personally choose to do as much or as little of your design as you like. We spend the time educating you on each portion of the project and why it’s the best choice for your space, but if you want to make changes we will keep working with you until our design matches the vision you’ve always had in your mind.

Once you’re completely satisfied with your design we move forward with a signature and deposit to schedule your work. From there on, we take care of all the details, we even take it a step beyond and mark out your project before it begins so you can get a feel of the space before excavation begins. Our talented installation crews work hand in hand with the designer throughout the entire process along with having the company’s owner onsite during installation and completion so you can be sure you’re getting the attention to detail that you deserve.